Hello Everyone! I'm back with a new post (Finally)

Before I proceed, I will explain to you why I decided to make a post in this blog today, and it's because a lot of things happened recently, and because all of these events are heavy, I wanted to release my feelings in any way possible.

Now that you know why I posted something today, I will tell you about what happened on my Weekday Monday.

I woke up early today and performed my habitual routine before I log in to the meet and attend online class but our teacher's time was longer than expected, instead of 20 minutes, it was extended to 40+ minutes, allotted for the remembrance of our school's founder.

After that, I proceeded on working on my activities, I thought my Monday will be any school day, a day which contains boredom and a stack of activities.

But I was wrong.

Once I Finished my 4th activity for the day, I was greeted with shocking news on my Friend Group Chat, A big gachatuber is actually … uhh… it's a little sensitive, so I won't mention anything about it.

The news was intriguing, It felt like I just experienced a plot twist, to the point that my friends proposed an ocean of theories, most of them blaming the Suspect and the Victim.

Nevertheless, I still had fun, my friends introduced me to this game where we make a story which is a sentence long and the system chooses a random person to draw that sentence long story, and the results are usually hilarious.

That's pretty much what happened in my day.

I hope you have a good day, wherever you are :)