I am bored today

I wanted to post something in this Gemini capsule besides crap posts and unnecessary stuff, yet I can't think of anything good…

Let's talk about why some people think quarantine is like jail, that means I might have to rant, literally, and that's ok.

Like all of us, We used to think of "not being able to work/go to school or college" as a good thing, something that we all dreamed of experiencing, heck, even children wanted a break from school.

That means, when it is time to isolate ourselves from others, we all thought of it as a good thing, because we needed a break from what we were doing for the past... many years of you working/studying.

Sadly, too much of something is toxic, especially if it has to do with human communication.

An introvert can survive many years of isolation, an extrovert can't. Quarantine can either give us bad or good results, we can never tell, but if you ask me, I have a hard time saying good or bad, I want to be lonely, but at the same time, I need friends to comfort me.

But for some people, it feels like jail.

I had that kind of feeling before, the sensation of you wanting to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends, in real life of course, but because of our situation right now, I don't think it is possible (unless you are old enough to get out of your comfort zone, you're considered lucky to even be at that age).

At the same time, the self-isolation idea makes us pretty bored, like really bored, to the point we literally look for activities to satisfy our bored soul, whether it would be playing the guitar to starting a YouTube channel in order to chase your dreams.

I'm not saying looking for hobbies is a bad thing, it is a good thing, and you are making something productive without even realizing it. But at the same time, if you keep doing that hobby over and over again, you're going to end up bored, like you were before you got that activity.

And another thing to note, the government is the police, violate something, and you're going to get an awful punishment (don't ask me about it, you already know).

But negative thoughts aside, staying at home and doing something productive not just helps you, it helps the health workers who are fighting every day to keep the numbers low. soo...

consider staying at home than protesting outside about ending quarantine just to get your hair done :)

That's all what I have to say, Have a good day!